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About Final Hours

Final Hours is an open-world orienteering adventure. You awake on a beautiful island and have three days to complete various quests. Some are outlined on your map; others are secret and must be discovered through exploration.

Wander round and drink in the beautiful environment, whilst listening to the haunting ambience. Ambient shrines will change the soundtrack and provide a different mood.


Movement: WASD

Jump: Space

Sprint: Shift

Interact: Mouse 1


Map: M

Quit: Esc

Developers Note

This game is far from perfect and is not particularly well optimised. It may also have numerous graphical bugs and things that don't work perfectly. For practical reasons, it is also locked to 1024x768 (anything beyond that turned into a slideshow and even at this resolution, it's still not 60FPS consistently - you can enter full screen mode by pressing Alt-Enter).

The reason this game lacks finesse and optimisation is because it was made as part of a 24-hour challenge. I challenged myself to design, develop and release a game in 24 hours (not in one sitting). The entire process can be viewed on my Twitch channel and a blog of the process can be found in my Discord server.

Hopefully it will be a relaxing and enjoyable experience for you, even if it is more of a prototype than anything else.


Developed by Persephone's Chair

Lead Programmer & Design: Ben Lathbury

Title: Sean Haddick

Tools Used: Gaia Pro, GeNa 2, CTS 2019, Ambient Skies, PathPainter, AQUAS 2020, Aura 2, Enviro, Vegetation Studio

Made with Unity Engine (in 24 hours)


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Final Hours.z01 700 MB
Final Hours.z02 700 MB
Final Hours.zip 317 MB


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The files zip are not good.

Nobody else has reported any issue with them. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to upload them to an alternative source at this time.

I tried 5 or 6 times and only the small 300mo file works


Dude, I don't speak French.

pas de réponse ?

Dommage, j'aurais bien voulu tester ce jeu. J'en ai fait du même genre (Cutish) mais là, je n'ai pu télécharger que le 3eme fichier. Les autres vont bien jusqu'au bout du téléchargement, seulement aucun zip n'est généré.

Je te conseille de placer ton jeu sur un autre serveur car il y a un sérieux problème.


What was I playing ???? Where is the resolution, optimization ??? Why did the game crash ???? Where is the normal map ???? Friend, don't become a cartographer))))

Did you read the description at all?

it wouldn't install...

Oof. Specifics?

just won't, maybe it's too big or something?

Did you download all three parts?

can't seem to do that

There are three files that you need to download and place within the same directory. When you open the .zip file, it will extract the whole lot. If you can’t download the other two files, I can’t much help beyond that.